Information about Bitcoin Exchanges

Information about Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin is the highest trending alternative electronic money in the market. The price of the Bitcoin fluctuates with its time and value in the market. The value is amazingly high and the user can even buy or sell things using Bitcoin. However there are some important factors to be keep in mind before buying the Bitcoin.


1) Price factor : The value of Bitcoin is clearly not stable in the market. It depends on the supply and demand in the market. If more people are willing to buy Bitcoin than clearly, its value will increase. As the market is unpredictable so is investing money in Bitcoin. As compared to past few years, more people know about Bitcoin and as the awareness increases the risk decreases. Hence a good research on Bitcoin be very profitable.

2) Security Factor: Once a Bitcoin transaction is made, it cannot be cancelled. Hence security and double verification are necessary. It is a very important factor which everyone should know before exchanging Bitcoin. There are many websites which allow exchanging Bitcoin, but the most important thing to know is that which one is the safest in making secure transactions. A user should also check that in which countries Bitcoin are legally accepted as there is no central government who controls the flow of Bitcoin. A few large companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Paypal and many more accept payment through Bitcoin.

3) Integrity Factor: All the transactions done through Bitcoin are recorded and are not 100% anonymous. The address is stored as an identifier and the balance is visible in the Bitcoin Blockchain. It is mainly performed to maintain the integrity of the Bitcoin network. The market value and how many transactions are made per day are shown on the Blockcnain.

How to buy Bitcoin using our Bitcoin Buyers Guide

Basically, every website has its own API (Application Program Interface) which gives an outlook of the website. The interface is very important for a safe and trustworthy exchange. Moreover, it should be easy and compatible for the user who is buying Bitcoin for the first time. The most popular methods of buying Bitcoin are through Credit card or Debit Card. But apart from this, you can simply use the method of bank transfer too. There is a certain fee amount charged for transactions with respect to the bank account and of which country it is. A user may buy up to $50,000 worth of Bitcoin on a daily basis. This highly differs per exchange. A good research therefore is advised.

The best exchange to buy Bitcoin?

CoinBase is on the 1st position for a reason. As it is the largest website for Bitcoin exchanges, it has the safest security system too. CoinBase has three different options such as Wallet, Vault, and multi-sig vault. These security systems are designed with respect to a number of Bitcoin stored. Any unauthorized transaction may block the account for a few hours and has a unique solution for securing larger amounts of Bitcoin. Apart from security, the API of the website is also handy and easy to use.

Crypto Currency's

A multi wallet security system needs to get the design where a buyer and seller can make a trade using Bitcoin with a multi-level of signature verification for which a prioritized model is to be developed. The factors such as good API, Security, Fees, Trading and Currencies affect buying and selling Bitcoin a lot. The Poloniex website is a reasonable option for this type of exchange where a buyer and trader can make a transaction.


There are different Pros and Cons of these Bitcoin exchange websites but they are the best among all, as they consist of an ideal system of security and trustworthiness. Bitcoin is the fastest growing alternative currency and is in a limited amount in the market availabe. This limited amount clearly suggests that the Bitcoin value will increase in the near future and you should definitely research the possibilities of this new trend. If we should believe the pundits a great ROI within a few years is very reasonable.

The top 3 Exchanges:

1) CoinBase

The World Largest Bitcoin exchange website for the countries US, UK, Canada, Singapore and many other countries. As Bitcoin is an online or electronic currency, the transaction has to be secure and trustworthy. CoinBase uses secure methods to protect it's users and can be called trustworthy.

2) LocalBitcoins

A large-scale of successful Bitcoin trades are recorded on this website which makes this website trustworthy and safe. It‘s to be considered the best way to buy Bitcoins privately.


Bitfinex allows it's users to buy Bitcoins with low fees but also creditcard. It's an interesting and a new option which attracts more users since it's riskfree. Bitfinex is 100% engaging and safe to use. Important to know is that Bitfinex did encountered a hack in 2016.

These are the largest Bitcoin exchange sites which have the most secure sofware and a trustworthy reputation. It's not easy to find the best exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin. So it's important to do your own due dilligence too.