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If you have free time and are in for a bet? Or if you want to enjoy yourself, you probably know that online gambling can do this both. But is it safe to gamble everywhere? Well no. With Bitcoin there are many sites out there to scam people. In the Bitcoin Casino world that is not different. So whenever you have to deposit Bitcoin to a website always make sure to investigate it. Either do your due dilligence or read reviews form third party's. In this review, you will get to learn about the games as well as the user experience on The online gambling site has become very popular which is why we decided to write a review about it.

We have invested time and resources towards When doing this we found a Press release on (a renomated Bitcoin magazine). Appeareantly nowadays belong to the leading Crypto Casino's on the net.

When diving a little more in the statistics we find out why

Crypto Games

There are almost 1 billion bets just with Bitcoin alone and the Bitcoin bankroll is over 1700 BTC, which is worth (05/05/2017) over $ 2.8 million. With numbers like this, it's no suprise that is such a large crypto casino.

The story was first launched in the month of May 2014 by a group of crypto-currency fans whom worked in webdesign and IT. was launched to serve more online gamblers that wanted to gamble using the crypto currencies, which is why they accept several altcoins. Be it Monero, Litecoin or Ethereum, with you are free to use your favourite. offers the following games blackjack, dice, lotto games and slots. So they accept a various amount of different crypto currencies, which makes them unique. Additionally, it is worth taking note that doesn't require anyone to register so you can fully enjoy a anonymous gaming experience on the website.
Crypto Games

Starting your first bet

Go on to straight play! There is no need to undergo any registration or signing up with the casino.

Each player gets his/her personal address or unique ID which is in a long URL. One will find this ID provided your account. This ID or the information is what one will be allowed to maintain account with. Just remember this url (save it) and you are ready to go. Yes there is no need for a password and username!

After selecting a game click on the crypto currency you will be using, remember to first deposit it on the balance page. with the balance deposited you are now able to place your bet. Yes it's as simple as that.


Registration is not mandatory but an option.
Support for many crypto-currencies?
100% Anonymous online gambling possible, through the use of privacy friendly altcoins
There are no extra withdrawal fees
Multiple games
An established casino from 2014
Great reviews from the community on
Plenty of giveaways, promotions and more
Active and dedicated support


There is no mobile app, though the site is responsive
The number of games is limited
We miss a website feedback option
There is no live chat support

Wage a bet and try your luck @